What’s your flavour? From authentic tobacco to refreshing fruit and sweet treats, choose from flavour-packed
Cartridge Refills and E-Liquids. You’ll be surprised by what you find in the vapour.

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What makes the blu™ e-cigarette special?

If you want to switch from smoking, or you’re looking for a more
satisfying e-cigarette, here’s why you should try blu e-cigs.



With blu, tobacco tingles, you’ll feel fruit, and vanilla comes with a kick. Enjoy surprisingly good e-cig flavours, all picked by our customers.


Discover e-liquids made from the best ingredients. Enjoy e-cigs tested before they ever reach your lips. And carry your e-cigarettes in stylish, sturdy cases.


Discover e-cigs that look as good as they feel. Black matt finish. Blue LED tips. If it’s hanging out your face, you want it to look good, don’t you?


Find the right e-cig for you. Cigarette-sized or big enough to give you more vapour and go further. Discover e-cigarette kits that fit your lifestyle.

Ready to start your blu journey? Explore our rechargeable kits and cartridge refills, simple disposables and refillable tank
with e-liquid range. Want to find out more about e-cigs? Have a look at the blu blog.

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about blu

The blu UK E-Cigarette

The blu e-cigarette is a modern alternative to smoking. Black with flashing blue LED tip, it looks like no other electronic cigarette. And guess what, our e-cigs taste as good as they look.

To make our e-cigarettes, we’ve assembled the best team, including ex-NASA engineers to test parts, world-leading flavourists to make our e-liquids, and UK-based electronic cigarette experts to offer the best customer service we can.

From the twist of a Cartridge Refill to the taste of our Menthol flavour, we design our e-cigarette range around you. That’s helped us win Product Launch of the Year 2014, Product of the Year 2015, and become the first e-cig company to be nominated for a Grocer Gold Award.

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The blu UK Story

We’re blu UK and we’ve come a long way in the last few years. We started small, selling our electronic cigarettes to a handful of customers online and in shopping centres. We had a pokey office in Edinburgh, with cardboard boxes for chairs and USB dongles for internet access.

But we had good people, committed to offering the best possible products, service and experience for our customers. It’s why our e-cigs took off.

Today, we’re the biggest and best electronic cigarette in the UK, with a family of over one hundred employees. Our UK-based team has unrivalled electronic cigarette industry expertise. It probably helps that we’re vapers too. E-cigarettes are changing the world, and we’re excited to be part of it.

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