Zara Martin27

Zara Martin’s Tastes of Summer

We’re touring the country to find out the UK’s favourite summer flavours. And we’re not just talking strawberries ‘n’ cream and Irn Bru lollies (okay that might just be us).

We want to know your taste in films, fashion and celebs too. Basically anything you associate with British summertime.

To kick things off, we quizzed model, TV host, DJ – and the new face of blu – Zara Martin about her summer tastes. Here she talks about electric hairbrushes, girl crushes and Al Gore.


5 Things Your E-Cig Isn't21

5 Things Your E-Cig Isn’t!

At blu UK, we think it’s fair to say that our e-cigs have proved themselves to be the rods of vape-based splendour we create them to be. Slick, slender design, fuss-free, it’s a pretty uncomplicated device.

However, from time to time, we do get letters asking about some potential new features…

‘Dear blu UK,

The light sabre button on my Pro Kit doesn’t seem to be working.

Am I missing something?’

Let us clear that up for you, DarthVaper87, with a handy ‘stick-on-the-fridge’ list of everything your e-cig isn’t (yet).


Enjoy a clean vape14

How To Clean Your E-cig

When you move from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping, there are a few subtle things you might not realise are going to happen. Remember the way you once gripped your analogue fag between index finger and middle finger? Vapers are known to switch to the microphone/lolly-pop grip within the first few weeks.

And remember that feeling of security you had with your fag pack and lighter in your pocket? That comforting weight has now been taken up by your stylish vape kit. And who could forget the simple joy of cleaning out an overflowing ashtray, stuffed with a week’s supply of fetid tab butts and ash; maybe someone even stuck a bit of gum in there for you to prise off.

Well there’s good news for all the nostalgic among you — you get to give your refillable electronic cigarette an occasional clean with a cotton bud!


Best things you can put in your mouth8

Best Things You Can Put in Your Mouth

At the end of the day, what is your blu cig? What is it really?

It’s something amazing that you can put in your mouth.

Having come to that succinct explanation, we decided that the logical next step was to find some other things which fall into the same category. That’s right. We’ve gone there. We’ve done it. We’ve produced our own list of… THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN PUT IN YOUR MOUTH!


Look inside an e-cig battery6

Everything You Need To Know About Your E-Cig’s Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Great news, it’s finally the future! Okay, there are no hover-boards yet but everyone is puffing on advanced electronic cigarettes made from metal. Cool!

But don’t change your name by deedpoll to X-78 and buy a silver jumpsuit just yet — we still have some way to go until human beings reach our technological nirvana.

Take batteries, for instance, which regrettably still require some gentle maintenance. Luckily at blu UK we employ smart technology in each of our stylish products to ensure you experience the minimum of fuss.


How a vaporizer works1

How does the vaporizer in your e-cig work?

Whether you call them electronic cigarettes, e-cigs or vapes, these nifty gadgets are busy replacing regular tobacco cigarettes in our collective consciousness. A standard electronic cigarette has two basic components: a rechargeable lithium battery and a nicotine cartridge containing e-liquid and a vaporizer.

blu UK Starter or Premium Kits use the popular model of combining cartridge and vaporizer into one handy disposable ‘cartomiser’. This means users don’t have to worry about refilling anything – just plug the cartomiser into your battery and you’re good to go. Need to know more? For all you inquisitive types out there, here’s the science part:


Which tennis great would your e-cig flavour be?29

Game, Cig and No Match! What Flavour Would Your Wimbledon Hero Be?

Wimbledon is once more upon us and the TV commentary boxes will be packed with the great and the good of past events. Oh, and Pat Cash will be there too.

We’ve taken some time out to ponder which vape flavours our tennis favourites would be. Why? Well, it was that or learn how to switch off the annoying paper clip on Microsoft Word we’d turned back on after all these years because we thought it would make work like a retro-gaming experience.

Anyway, we’ve whipped out our e-cigs, put our feet up on the desks and taken a wander down memory lane…


A guide to e-cig lights18

Lights, vapour, action: what your e-cig’s trying to tell you

Those first weeks of using a blu™ e-cig can feel a bit alien. No smoke. No matches. And strange lights flashing at you like the UFOs from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Well, next time your e-cig blinks at you, you needn’t stare like a spaced-out Richard Dreyfuss. Just refer to this handy checklist to find out what your e-cigarette is trying to communicate.


Sensory Cinema vape movies15

The Greatest Vape Movies Never Made!

Our senses are crucial when it comes to enjoying a movie. The auditory anticipation when you know a ‘bang!’ is coming; the visual exertion of picking out the villain approaching in the darkness; the physical sensation of pain when you realise that Gerard Butler just seemed to give up making good movies after 300.