The TPD and new e-cig regulations28

The TPD – what new e-cig laws mean for you

May 20th 2016 is an important day for vapers. It’s the date that the Tobacco Products Directive (or TPD) comes into force across Europe.

The TPD is the set of laws for e-cigarettes and e-liquids which are made – or imported to – the European Union (EU). Many vapers fear the TPD will affect their enjoyment of e-cigs. So, are they right to be scared?


Ways to look after your vape17

How to Store Your E-Cig

If you want to get the best out of something for as long as possible, you have to do your utmost to keep it in tiptop condition. Wineries store wines away in cellars so that they develop the best taste. Proud car owners park their vehicles in the garage to stop the elements damaging them.

An e-cig is the same. You have to store it away, clearomiser and all, so that it continues to deliver the best performance, and do the same with your e-cig supplies to maintain the freshest taste.

Here at blu UK, we have a few suggestions on how to store your e-cig so that you can continue to enjoy a superior experience.


A vaper's guide to the Fringe12

A Vaper’s Guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

We heard some cracking jokes at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe — including one about a cosy e-cig shared between amorous robots that just couldn’t resist each other!

Here’s betting there’s plenty more e-cig related material to look forward to at this year’s festival. Vaping is now a global phenomenon and, as the modern alternative to smoking, it has not only made its way into the dictionary but also into our cultural imagination. Got any vaping jokes? Why not tweet us @blucigsUK

In this post, we round up our top picks for this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe that are sure to delight and entertain equally.


blu's Big Taste Survey12

What Brits love to hate

Our Taste of the Nation survey results are in.

From Pimm’s to selfies, discover the flavours, people and things that Brits love or hate. Find out the UK’s top summer flavours. And uncover the strange effects of ‘taste nostalgia’.

Here’s what 4,000 tongues had to say…


Top 5 Vape Cafes10

The Cafes You’d Open Just to Vape in!

Unless you’ve spent the last year living in a cave, you’ll have heard about the cereal café in Shoreditch and crisp café in Belfast. If you have been living in a cave though — don’t despair. You can use that interior décor experience to inspire a new theme café of your own.

At blu UK, we’re not averse to having a vape in some quirky surroundings, but we’re also not averse to taking the mickey a tad either. That’s right, we’re mavericks.

As such, we’ve been coming up our own ideas for… the cafes you’d open just to vape in!


E-cig battery vs. Smartphone battery31

How does your e-cig battery compare with the battery in your iPhone?

When we develop our e-cig batteries, we design them to be reliable products that serve our vapers better than an iPhone or other mobile device wherever possible.

We don’t want users to take a draw on their e-cigarette, only to find that the battery has given up on them just when they really wanted the comfort of a flavoured e-liquid – particularly if they are trying to switch from smoking.

So, just how well does an e-cig battery stand up against an iPhone? Let’s have a look.


Zara Martin27

Zara Martin’s Tastes of Summer

We’re touring the country to find out the UK’s favourite summer flavours. And we’re not just talking strawberries ‘n’ cream and Irn Bru lollies (okay that might just be us).

We want to know your taste in films, fashion and celebs too. Basically anything you associate with British summertime.

To kick things off, we quizzed model, TV host, DJ – and the new face of blu – Zara Martin about her summer tastes. Here she talks about electric hairbrushes, girl crushes and Al Gore.


5 Things Your E-Cig Isn't21

5 Things Your E-Cig Isn’t!

At blu UK, we think it’s fair to say that our e-cigs have proved themselves to be the rods of vape-based splendour we create them to be. Slick, slender design, fuss-free, it’s a pretty uncomplicated device.

However, from time to time, we do get letters asking about some potential new features…

‘Dear blu UK,

The light sabre button on my Pro Kit doesn’t seem to be working.

Am I missing something?’

Let us clear that up for you, DarthVaper87, with a handy ‘stick-on-the-fridge’ list of everything your e-cig isn’t (yet).