We design our electronic cigarette kits around you guys. New to e-cigs? Our Starter Kit gives you all the essentials. Want to get even more from blu™? Charge on the go with our Premium rechargeable e-cig kit. Seasoned vaper? Our advanced Pro Kit – and range of lovely e-liquids – are for you.

Innovative eye-candy. Style with substance. Freedom from the nasties of traditional cigarettes. Meet our e cigarette kits.

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  1. £19.99

    blu PRO KIT

    Our new and improved e-cig tank offers:

    - A smoother, longer vape
    - A top-filling tank for no spills
    - A powerful, long life battery
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  2. £9.99

    blu PREMIUM KIT - Over 50% off

    See what all the fuss is about. No on-the-go charging like its Premium big bro, but this e cigarette starter kit is packed with everything you need to get going.
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  3. £14.99


    Why choose a blu™ Starter Kit?

    - Go tobacco-smoke free in style
    - Explore award-winning flavours
    - Enjoy 600 puffs (or 3 cigarette packs) per kit
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Stepping up from disposables? Can’t decide which of our electronic cigarette kits to go for? Chill. Take a look at our guide to disposables vs. e cigarette kits.