Tried e-cigs? Like ‘em? It could be time to step up to a Premium ecig Kit. You can charge on the go and carry three flavour cartridges with you. That way, you can enjoy the taste of blu e-cigs all day long.


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Time to step up to a Premium Kit? You get:

- A portable charging case
- Space for three cartridges
- A soft touch, handsome-devil case
Earn 600 blu Coins
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  • 5/5
    "Superb" Charging on the go is perfect. Although I charge my case "every night" As when charging as recommended, I was once left hanging when the case battery was flat!
    I received my premium kit yesterday. Very pleased with it. The size of a mobile phone. To be able to charge on the go is a real bonus. On the down side the cartridges only come in pack,s of 3. Why... More
    Tried 12 other brands of e-cigarette The blue charging case PPC is one of the most innovative charging cases I have seen, there is no need to screw the battery in, all I have to do is drop the... More
  • 5/5
    The ideal product for those who have changed from analogue to electronic cigarettes. With a nice sturdy case you have the ability to charge your batteries on the go, which is obviously a big plus.... More
    Love Blu. Really enjoying my premium kit. Great product
    just got the Premium Kit this product is awesome. I was a light smoker and i chose blu for the sleek modern design the PCC case is a must and the color black this is the best one out there.
  • 5/5
    The kit is just about perfect.I put the new premium kit to the test with a four day work trip with little access to a usb port or power sockets. I could stick it in my pocket all day with no... More
    Really nice premium kit, sleeker and easy to carry. One wish would be that the cartridges came in a box of 5 like previously, and the packaging is huge for just 3 cartridges.
    Love the new slim line case. Not sure of the black battery with blue light, I like my old white with orange light. However that said I am very pleased with the kit and will get used to the newer... More
  • 5/5
    An excellent product. A big improvement. However, I do think the packaging of the cartridges could be reduced in size and that the Classic Tobacco has a slightly drier taste than the Skycig... More
    Excellent kit. Slimmer, Easier to carry around. Certainly better than the freedom which is saying a lot as this was a good kit. Totally satisfied with the product and will probably order a second... More
    Got to say I was a bit worried when I knew you were launching the new product! Because using the Skycig for well over 3 years, I thought it might be totally different. But it's so much better.... More
  • 5/5
    Received a new blu Premium Kit the day before I went on holiday. So very excited to spend 10 days in Lanzarote with the new products to try. Great new case and brilliant new products. New and old... More
    sleek and slim easier to carry in the pocket, the extra charging life is a bonus no more having to carry about exrta batteries, being in it's infancy the proof will be the cartridges and the flavours.
    Well, where to begin? Didn't think it would be possible to replace the freedom kit with something better, but you have! Premium kit certainly fits better & more comfortably in the pocket, feels... More
  • 4/5
    Pretty hard to open but the pack looks great and fits into your pocket well. I also like the way the cig charges. My only gripe would be it doesn't come in rich tobacco flavour.
    Loving the new blu charging case - sleek, stylish and feels really solid. The black batts with blue tips look great too. Impressive!

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Charge on the go. Carry three cartridges with you. Enjoy blu even more. Without wires, you’re free to go anywhere.
3 flavour cartridges in either Classic Tobacco or Menthol flavour depending on which Kit you go for.
2 blu™ batteries, one to use and one to charge. Each should last between 250-300 charge cycles delivering 2-4 months of life per battery.
A USB charging cable for recharging your Premium carry case.